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CityProwl Cleveland :: Walking Tours

Cleveland is a city that has had its share of greatness. It has been the home of innovators, captains of industry and immigrants looking to start a better life. As many cities in the Great Lakes region, it is looking to forge a new identity in the 21st century, moving away from its past of manufacturing. CityProwl tells the tales of how Cleveland emerged from its roots as a quaint farming village to become a booming industrial power in the 1900’s, and how it is coming to terms with its mid-20th century decline by re-inventing itself from the urban core outward.

How to Prowl: it’s simple - all you need is your computer and a MP3 player or CD player. You download a tour and the corresponding map, save the audio files on your MP3 or CD player and print out the map. Go to the designated meetup point in the neighborhood and start to listen to the tour, follow along and prowl the area like a native!