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FREE in Cleveland: Police Museum

One of Cleveland's best-kept secrets may be found downtown at The Cleveland Police Museum inside the Justic Center. There you'll find an unusual collection of weapons used over the years by both the good guys and bad, a real jail cell, a still from the prohibition era, and a display devoted to the Torso (serial) Murders – perhaps Cleveland’s most famous unsolved crime (note: some of the photos are quite graphic). There are also displays on organized crime in Cleveland; Elliott Ness, who finished his law enforcement career in Cleveland; the Hough race riots of 1966; and a lot of cool information about police work going back to the 19th century. The museum is free, but if you want to spend some money on souvenirs, be sure to visit the gift shop. Open Mon.-Fri., 10am-4pm. (1300 Ontario Street, Justice Center; 216.623.5000)