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FREE in Cleveland: Lake View Cemetery

One of the Cleveland’s best places to pass the time celebrates those who have passed away. That’s right, a cemetery. But not just any cemetery, we’re referring to Cleveland’s 250-acre Lake View Cemetery, founded in 1869. The place is populated with amazing plants and trees, most of which are identified. Be sure to look for the four trees (two tulip trees, a beech, and a white oak) named after the city’s founder, Moses Cleaveland. In case you’re wondering, some believe the city lost an “a” when a newspaper editor discovered that a headline with the name was too long for the form. Another explanation is that Cleaveland’s surveying part misspelled the name on the original map. Whatever, the important thing here is that Cleveland recognized Cleaveland trees that have been around since 1796, the year Cleaveland landed on the shores of the Cuyahoga River. The major structures at Lake View include the Garfield Monument, marking the final resting place of our nation’s 20th president. Other famous Clevelanders laid to rest here include John D. Rockefeller and “Untouchable” Eliot Ness. (12316 Euclid Ave., Cleveland; 216.421.2665)