Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens

714 North Portage Path Akron, OH 44303-1363

call: 330.836.5533

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Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens is the former home of F.A. Seiberling (founder of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.) and his family. This nationally recognized American Country Estate celebrates the Seiberling family legacy Not For Us Alone with unique and engaging experiences for all.

Included is a 65,000-square-foot, 65-room Tudor Revival Manor House; 70 acres of artfully landscaped gardens and grounds; a conservatory; and seasonal exhibits. The Estate also features The Carriage House Shop and Molly`s Café serving delectable salads sandwiches and desserts.

New! Playgarden, a place to laugh, imagine and play. This outdoor sensory experience is a fun-filled garden environment featuring six interactive adventures, including a Splash Fountain, the Motion Garden`s antique kid-powered truck, Joe`s (archeological) Dig, Tudor Revival Playhouse, Bowling Lawn and music making in Harmony Hall.

Please note: During the season (April-December) the Estate and admissions opens at 10am; the Manor House, Gate Lodge & Conservatory open at 11am. Admissions, the Corbin Conservatory and the Manor House close at 4:30pm; the grounds close at 6pm.

Guided Manor House Tour
On the hour from 11am-4pm
Experience the Manor House through the eyes of a trained interpreter. Visit significant interior spaces including the Great Hall, the Music Room, the Plunge (indoor swimming pool) and the master bedroom. Admission includes Guided Manor House Tour, Self-Guided Garden Tour, Gate Lodge and Conservatory. The tour lasts approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Grand Estate Tour (May 1-October 31)
Offered daily at 12:30pm
The Grand Estate Tour includes the Guided Manor House tour and a guided tour of the gardens, with a focus on historical landscape elements and information about Warren Manning and Ellen Biddle Shipman, the landscape designers who created the gardens. Please note that this is not a plant-identification tour. The tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours.

Self-Guided Manor House Tour
The Self-Guided Manor House Tour is for visitors who would like to experience Stan Hywet Hall at their own pace. Admission includes Self-Guided Manor House tour with booklet, Gardens, the Gate Lodge and the Corbin Conservatory.

Nooks & Crannies Tour
Includes Guided Nooks & Crannies Tour,
Self-Guided Manor House Tour, Self-Guided
Gardens, Gate Lodge & Corbin Conservatory
Are you a museum junkie, inquisitive and always wanting more? Just itching to open that door that says "personnel only" or (just because you`re curious) walk down that extra hallway not taken by the tour guide? We understand your enthusiasm! And we have a tour that meets your needs: the Nooks & Crannies tour. This guided behind-the-scenes tour of the Manor Housel includes what was the domestic and service areas when the Seiberling family lived at Stan Hywet. Tour includes female domestic bedrooms and an exhibition on the third floor, the Radio Room, the Fourth Floor Tower, museum storage areas and much more.The Nooks & Crannies Tour lasts approximately 1-1-1/2 hours. Then you may enjoy the Self-Guided tours of the house and grounds at your own pace.

Self Guided Grounds 
Enjoy Stan Hywet`s historic gardens and grounds at your own pace on this self-guided tour.
The tour includes all gardens, the Gate Lodge and the Corbin Conservatory.


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